Tasmania Australia tours
Tasmania Australia


Just to the south of Australia lies a breathtaking island with untouched wilderness. About 150 miles off of the coast of Australia lies Tasmania, the 26th largest island in the world. As a fifth of Tasmania, Australia is protected under the heritage and ecological protection, it offers amazing historic, scenic and interesting places to visit– making it the perfect get away!


Tasmania attractions are abundant as the island hosts whitewater rivers, trees dating back thousands of years and whitewater rivers. If you’re looking to visit Australia, but want to get away from the busier regions, tours of Tasmania are the ideal solution!


Tasmania, Australia hosts five diverse regions to explore, world-class dining, fascinating history, unique scenery and an array of activities. When visiting the island, you’ll have the opportunity to explore amazing national parks, festivals and cultural activities. To make the most of your vacation and for the inside scoop on the hottest Tasmania attractions, there are an abundance of tour and accommodation packages available.


Tours of Tasmania include Hobart Tasmania, which lies at the foot of Mt. Wellington. The well kept city is surrounded by the beautiful and dominate mountain. Not only are you able to explore everything the mountain has to offer, but you’ll find the freshest seafood and produce in Tasmania!


The top Tasmania attractions are found in the Tasmania National Parks, where you’ll find pristine beaches, mountain wilderness, green rainforests and World Heritage areas. The untouched wilderness is the perfect place to connect with nature, seek adventure and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.


Other tours of Tasmania include cruises and tours to Port Arthur and the restored Abt Railway. Not only can you tour the island by rail, but also by land, sea and air. There’s also a diversity of backpacking opportunities. No matter if you’re floating down the Tasmania Gordon River, walking the mountain trails or flying over the island, there are many things to do in Tasmania that you’ll love!


Tasmania is also well known for year-round festivals and events. Depending on when you plan your trip to the island, you’re sure to catch one of the many festivals, such as the Water Jazz Festival, the Derby River Derby or the Hobart Summer Festival.


To make the most of your stay in Tasmania, Australia, there are many top accommodations to relax in comfort right on the island. The Riverfront Motel & Villas offer waterfront views, along with many other top hotels and resorts. There are numerous accommodations to choose from so you’ll find the perfect place to stay.


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